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May 27, 2010 @ 03:52pm

Welcome To Fables Of The Flying City!

Hello! I’m Jared Axelrod, and  welcome to FABLES OF THE FLYING CITY, a swashbuckling, airship-studded adventure of a podcast about a fantastical metropolis in the sky, and the young woman who changes everything! If you’re familiar with my previous podcasts THE VOICE OF FREE PLANET X and ALIENS YOU WILL MEET, you know you can expect thrills, chills, eccentric characters and unconventional action, all tied together with a sense of humor and unique view of the world.

At it’s heart, FABLES is about an argument: How much do people deserve to know? On the one hand, an informed populace should be  something to strive for in any community. On the other, sometimes its better not to see how the sausage is made.

It’s easy to take the tact that everyone should know everything.  The ideal is a beautiful one, where decisions are made on a basis of knowledge. Perhaps, if we knew more about each other, we would be less likely to go to war. If we can understand each others’ point of view, if we knew what was really going on, wouldn’t our lives be that much better? A perfect world would be one where we were all on the same page.

The flip side of this, of  course, is that ignorance is bliss. There are somethings that perhaps we are better off not knowing. Information can lead to understanding, but history has shown that it more often, it leads to panic. While there may be information everyone should know, are there things that people need to know? Perhaps its better they live without it, and go about their lives not being concerned.  After all, you do want to enjoy that hot dog, don’t you?

Connected with this, is the question of how much you owe your community. If keeping them in dark protects them, isn’t that the right thing to do? What if the truth won’t set your neighbors free, but destroy their lives? What if just by living in a certain place, existing in a certain way, you were taking part in the worst crime you could possible imagine?

When knowledge is a weapon, what is the “best” way to wield it? As a shotgun? Or a stiletto?

We’ll find out when FABLES OF THE FLYING CITY launches Saturday, May 29th at 2pm at Balticon!

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