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August 3, 2012 @ 12:03pm

New Comics! New Appearences!

The Battle of Blood & Ink graphic novel has been out for months. The podcast has finished its 44 episodes. You’ve already read the first mini comic. Is this this end of Fables of the Flying City content?

Of course not!

We have been hard at work on a second mini-comic, all about podcast-fan-favorite character Hanner Gatling, which is now ready for your reading, and featuring a sumptuous cover colored by Jennifer Rodgers! And we’ve redone the mini-comic section of the site, so all those with tablets and mobile devices can get your Fables of the Flying City goodness without all those flash-player issues!

But that’s not all!

The whole Fables of the Flying City crew–all two of us–will be a part of Watch The Skies, a steampunk event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on August 25, alongside the steampunk talents of Sarah Hunter of Brute Force Studios and Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series. There will be no better place to get your steam on!

We’ve got a few more appearances planned for later this year, but we always like to add more. If there’s an event that you think we should be at, let us know in the comments!

May 3, 2012 @ 09:52am

The Battle of Blood and Ink Preview Video

When Steve and I were designing The Battle of Blood and Ink, we thought carefully about the kind of story we wanted to tell, and the place we wanted to tell that story.  This video discussed our thoughts and inspirations behind the story, and has several preview pages from the book. I hope you enjoy it.

May 1, 2012 @ 01:22pm

Jared and Steve in NYC for Free Comic Book Day!

Steve and I are happy to announce that we will be in New York City at Brooklyn City Comics for free comic book day! Steve will be doing sketches and we will be giving away free mini-comic prequels to The Battle of Blood and Ink. You can come and visit us anytime from 2PM to 4PM for autographs and sketches, or just to chat with us! Brooklyn City Comics is located at 493 7th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215. If you’re in the area, stop by, pick up some free comics, and say hello!





April 30, 2012 @ 11:40am

Buy The Battle of Blood and Ink

You can now purchase the graphic novel The Battle of Blood and Ink from any of these retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BooksaMillion, Powells Books, IndieBound, Walmart or Overstock. If you’ve been listening to the podcast and enjoying it, now is your chance to support the author and illustrator and read the next chapter in this exciting series.

Want to try before you buy? View the first 20 pages of The Battle of Blood and Ink on Tor.com: http://www.tor.com/stories/2012/04/the-battle-of-blood-and-ink-a-fable-of-the-flying-city-excerpt
December 1, 2011 @ 04:15pm

Free Comics!

Yes, we’re giving away comics. Because we love you all.

The response the mini-comic contest was so positive, Steve and I are going to go ahead and send autographed copies of the first FABLES OF THE FLYING CITY mini-comic to EVERYONE who entered. That’s right, if you sent an email to fablesoftheflyingcity (at) gmail.com before Dec 1, you’re getting a comic in the mail.

Now, if you if didn’t email us but still want to read it, or if you wanted to read the mini-comic before it arrives in the mail, we’ve got you covered. The comic is right here on the website, just waiting to be read. And it’s just the first. Steve and I have a whole series of mini-comics planned, leading right up the release of graphic novel, THE BATTLE OF BLOOD AND INK.

If you would like to be alerted to when the new mini-comics are available, when we’re doing new contests, and other such mad website content Steve and I are dishing out on regular basis, just send an email to fablesoftheflyingcity (at) gmail.com, and we’ll put you on the mailing list.

Oh, and enjoy the free comics!

July 1, 2011 @ 09:58am

This Is What The Book Looks Like

Fables Of the Flying City Cover

This the graphic novel that we have been working on for the past five years or so.

Actually, it isn’t. It’s merely the cover of the graphic novel we have been working on for the past five years or so, wrapped around another hardcover graphic novel. That said, it’s the right weight when I hold it my hand, and if you were looking for THE BATTLE OF BLOOD AND INK: A FABLE OF THE FLYING CITY come May of 2012 (and why wouldn’t you?) this would be what you looking for.

It’s all very exciting.

December 15, 2010 @ 03:28pm

A Must-Have For Any Fashionable Clouddog

I recently did a test-run of a Fables of the Flying City patch–featuring Amperstam, natch, and I am quite pleased with the results:

Flying City Patch

This patch, featuring the fantastic artwork of Steve Walker and Natalie Kelly,  will perhaps be the first in a series of  Flying City-themed patches, thus making it easy for the average clouddog to steampunk-up their wardrobe.  The print quality and fabric is super-nice. Now that we know that we CAN make these patches, the question becomes if we SHOULD.

Who wants a patch?

November 7, 2010 @ 09:42pm

ISBW #165 – Introduction / Jared Axelrod Interview

Learn a bit about me and my writing and my podcast, if you’re new. And we talk to Jared Axelrod!

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October 27, 2010 @ 04:27pm

How To Build Your Own Lightning Gun

Building A Raygun For The Flying City

Ever felt the need to wrap your fingers around one of Amperstam’s lightning pistols, just like the ladies and gents of the Aerial Guard? Now you can! With just a handful of supplies and a little hard work, you can make your own raygun by following these simple instructions on Tor.com.

Check out the rest of the awesome Steampunk Fortnight stuff while you’re over there.  There’s some wonderful, non-raygun related articles.

August 24, 2010 @ 10:06am

Happy Birthday, Podcasting

Cherpumple, a.k.a. The CakePieCakePieCakePie

I forgot to put a link in the show notes, so here’s the Cherpumple, in all it’s glory.

Photo (and dessert) by Vivid Muse of Girls’ Rules podcast.

Copyright © 2010 Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker. All rights reserved.