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June 30, 2010 @ 12:40am

Episode 6: The Consequences of Soup

In which a cavalcade of food in paraded, smoking is finally allowed, where to place blame is considered, Ashe’s future is discussed, the usefulness of consequences are questioned, and how much soup forgets is revealed.

Mur Lafferty’s Tumblr is here: mightymur.tumblr.com This is the post in question: Podcasting Turns Six

You can ask Hanner Gatling anything at her Formspring page: http://www.formspring.me/HannerGatling She will answer. Of that you can be sure.

The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net

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4 Responses to “Episode 6: The Consequences of Soup”

  1. […] Fables of the Flying City, Episode 6 “The Consequences of Soup” […]

  2. I think we should celebrate the SIXTH anniversary of podcasting the first way we podcasters celebrate everything…

    No, not by getting drunk…

    Okay, we should celebrate it the SECOND way we celebrate everything…

    By posting a special podcast on that day!

    We should each pull out our very first podcast episode, the first thing we ever released, pull it into the studio, and do some self-commentary. Talk about why we started, and how, and what has happened since then.

  3. I like the spirit of the idea here, Nobilis. Perhaps discussing our first episodes may be a little maudlin, but I do like the idea of celebrating the anniversary with such deep introspection.

    Not the most “party”-ish idea, but I like it just the same.

  4. Definitely no offense meant to Jennifer Summerfield, but after this episode, I think I am, so far, tickled most when you perform Gatling’s lines yourself.

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