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March 2, 2011 @ 08:11pm

Episode 29 – A Necessary Act of Hell

In which the Provost sets pen to paper, a history is recounted, a dream is regretted, a heart is weighted, a yoke is taken up, beliefs are mistaken, a future is envisioned, and a fool’s cap is worn.

Special thanks to Jerry Rudasill for reading this episode.

The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net

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6 Responses to “Episode 29 – A Necessary Act of Hell”

  1. Thank you once again for an excellent episode of Tales of the Flying City. They are like small bites of a delicious cake, I always want more.

    I look forward to possibly seeing you at Balticon this year.

  2. Jerry Rudasill makes a wonder voice for the Provost. I tip my hat to the both of you.

  3. David, I will be at Balticon, don’t you worry. I should be launching Book 2 of the podcast there, so I imagine that’ll be the easiest way to see me. Glad you’re enjoying the show.

    Aaron, Jerry does an amazing job, doesn’t he? It’s pretty amazing to have such talented friends.

  4. […] Fables of the Flying City, Episode 29 “A Necessary Act of Hell” […]

  5. I am catching up on my podcasting backlog, and am delighted to be wading back into Fables – it brings me joy!

    Jerry did some outstanding work here. He is to be commended! Officially!

  6. Glad you’re catching up. Here’s where everything really starts to come to a head, so prepare for even more joy!

    Jerry is astounding. The only thing I had to do was tell him to slow down. Everything else was him. He’s an acting genius.

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