Fables of the Flying City
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December 26, 2010 @ 08:14pm

Episode 24 – Owing Amperstam

In which a rogue reconsiders, alternatives are suggested, arguments are shot down, numbers are calculated, certainty is questioned, a baker ruminates, shutters are considered, and hope is measured out like grain.

The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net

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4 Responses to “Episode 24 – Owing Amperstam”

  1. […] Fables of the Flying City, Episode 24 “Owing Amperstam” […]

  2. Look! I’m writing about a previous episode! Fancy!

    There’s something about this one episode that makes it my favorite so far. It makes Amperstam so much more real.

  3. Thanks, Aaron. See, fanciness is fun, right?

    If I was a more ambitious–read “insane”–writer, Ashe’s story would just be one of many that runs up and down through the city itself, and we would have more than just this glimpse of how the siege effects everyone.

    Of course, I would be insane. And it would take forever to write.

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